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How To Be A Responsible Dog Owner Every Day

On the third Saturday in September, we celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month, which encourages current and future pet owners to review their commitments to their canine companions. As all faithful pet parents know, owning a dog is a joy and privilege, as well as a daily responsibility. To be a responsible dog owner every day, you should prioritize some key…

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Labor Day: Working Pet Safety into Your Plans

Labor Day weekend is often considered the unofficial end of summer. With all the uncertainty and stress from the Coronavirus pandemic this year, Labor Day also represents a final opportunity to seize some summer refreshment and fun before facing the “new normal” of the fall season, whatever that ends up looking like here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Whether you celebrate…

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You’re Not Alone: Pet Adoptions in Baton Rouge, LA During COVID-19

If you decided to foster or adopt a pet during the Coronavirus crisis, you’re not alone. Animal shelters and rescue groups across the country have reported a significant increase in the number of pet adoptions and foster agreements since March when stay-at-home-orders went into place across most of the country. Many families who had thought about adopting or fostering in…

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A Day on the Road with Animal Health Clinic’s Pet Pick Up and Delivery Service

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Today is a big day. Mom said I get to go see my friends at Animal Health Clinic here in Baton Rouge, LA. They always give me lots of pets and hugs when I get there, and sometimes the nice people in white coats give me treats! The first fun thing is I get…

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Are Louisiana Pets Better Co-Workers?

5 Traits to help you decide Think back to all the jobs you’ve had in your life, from the early days as a camp counselor or burger flipper, to more professional or entrepreneurial endeavors further along in your journey. Chances are, the traits and influence of your co-workers had a huge impact on your job satisfaction, productivity, and sometimes even…

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What Pet Owners Can Do To Keep Pets From Being Poisoned

Poisoning of family pets is one of the most common dilemmas facing the veterinarian.  All too often the inciting toxin is not identified or the toxic level of the substance is undetermined.  Consequently, the treatment approach is all encompassing including intense observation and in some cases, lengthy hospitalization.  Poison prevention can be a very difficult task for a busy household…

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The Importance of Dental Health for Pets

Dental care is an often overlooked part of your pet’s health. Extensive disease can be present with very minimal noticeable signs. A complete inspection above and below the gumline is important, which is why X-rays are recommended for pets and ourselves. In some cases, disease can be diagnosed and treated properly to prevent worsening well before the tooth itself looks…

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Why Yearly Screenings Are Important to Feline Wellness

Feline heartworm disease is a relatively rare but complicated disease. Cats are not the target host for heartworms but can become infected from mosquito bites just like dogs. A multitude of problems exist in testing and treatment of heartworms in cats, but none of them are very reliable. To be extremely brief, the only option is prevention. We recommend monthly…

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How to Prepare Your Pets for Winter Weather

As winter creeps upon us here in the southern U.S. it is important to talk about pets. While some breeds may be adapted for cold weather, many are not. In general, if the temperature will drop below 50 degrees Farenheit the animal should be kept inside. Some long-haired dogs like huskies or malamutes may enjoy the colder weather, but please…

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dog and cat sneaking holiday treats

Holiday Foods: What are we really feeding our pets?

As loving pet owners we are all guilty (myself included) of sharing some sweet morsels with our animal companions.  As innocent as this sounds, it can lead to behavioral as well as health issues.  We fail to give credit to animal intellect as they observe the cellophane or foil wrapper these goodies come in.  They recognize the packaging as well…

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