dog and cat sneaking holiday treats

Holiday Foods: What are we really feeding our pets?

As loving pet owners we are all guilty (myself included) of sharing some sweet morsels with our animal companions.  As innocent as this sounds, it can lead to behavioral as well as health issues.  We fail to give credit to animal intellect as they observe the cellophane or foil wrapper these goodies come in.  They recognize the packaging as well…

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senior golden retriever

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

Joint health is usually a topic we think about for our older pets. However, issues pertaining to the joints can start young and can affect our furry family members without us noticing it. Our pets need special attention concerning joint health, especially in the colder months of the year. Degenerative Joint Disease, also known as arthritis, can manifest itself as…

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Dog hiding under a blanket

Noise Aversion

Our companion animals often experience various levels of anxiety, fear, and phobias. Perhaps these conflicts are seen more often in the spring and summer months. The simple reason for this is increased boarding, inclement weather, holiday celebrations (balloon festivals, July 4th), etc. Noise aversion can be a difficult problem to address. Ultimately, the approach of behavior modification through a certified…

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Dog carrying a first aid kit

Emergency Preparedness

As we enter into hurricane season, the threat of natural disasters looms heavy over our heads. Emergencies come in many forms; whether it is a temporary absence from your home or a permanent evacuation, pets usually get thought of last when making a family disaster plan. But pets are family too, and omitting them from the plan can put pets,…

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Dog being scanned for a microchip

Why Pet Owners Should Have Their Pet Microchipped

Microchips in pets can be valuable tool in locating a lost pet.  A common misconception is that these chips can be used to locate an animal like GPS.  This is not true, although collars are available to do so. The microchip must be manually scanned at either a Veterinary clinic or rescue organization.  With this invention, most owners can be…

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Itchy dog

Why Pet Owners Should Be Concerned About Pet Allergies

As warm weather starts to roll in and flowers are in full bloom, you may notice your allergies starting to flare. People are not the only ones that suffer from allergies, our pets do too. An itchy dog is a common problem for many pet owners today. While the cause of this problem requires testing to truly diagnose and treat,…

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