Boarding and Grooming

Pet Boarding And Grooming

We do offer Pet Boarding for both dogs and cats alike. Our boarding dogs enjoy at least three walks a day. We are also able to bring your pet to the Petz Plaza for daycare and playtimes during their stay. Our canine and feline friends both receive fresh bedding and tailored feeding schedules based on their usual routines.

While we do not have a licensed groomer on site here at the clinic, we do offer full body shaves for dogs and cats. If your pet requires sedation for grooming, we are able to accommodate these situations safely.
If you prefer a more luxurious boarding setting or licensed groomers, we recommend the Petz Plaza, which is conveniently located right next door.

Dog sitting in a bed
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Petz Taxi

Animal Health Clinic and Petz Plaza understand the desire to meet your pet’s needs in a fast, safe and easy way! In 2012, a unique concept of pet transportation through a safe and convenient service was created. Petz Plaza Pet Taxi provides medication, food, and pet pick-up and return services in and around the Baton Rouge area. For your convenience, your pet can now ride in style and comfort!

Petz Plaza Taxi

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