Noise Aversion

Our companion animals often experience various levels of anxiety, fear, and phobias. Perhaps these conflicts are seen more often in the spring and summer months. The simple reason for this is increased boarding, inclement weather, holiday celebrations (balloon festivals, July 4th), etc. Noise aversion can be a difficult problem to address. Ultimately, the approach of behavior modification through a certified Animal Behaviorist might be considered the best and least invasive method. However, behavior modification is a time consuming process.

Our approach in its simplest form is the use of a Thunder Shirt. This device does in a few instances provide a level of security and serenity in a very few animals. Unfortunately, the response is marginal in the majority. Another consideration might be to address the problem by introducing a companion animal, which in turn might be a solution in some cases. Finally, behavior modification with various formulations of drugs seems to be a last resort.

The difficulty often lies in the individual response to a specific drug and may result in titrating the dosage or initiating a different drug. It goes without saying that we are all just as stressed as our companion animals in times when their anxiety conflicts are raging. The solutions to their problem can be difficult to find. Nonetheless, we try our best.