September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

Joint health is usually a topic we think about for our older pets. However, issues pertaining to the joints can start young and can affect our furry family members without us noticing it. Our pets need special attention concerning joint health, especially in the colder months of the year. Degenerative Joint Disease, also known as arthritis, can manifest itself as a joint pain, lameness, or reluctance to move during these weather changes. Being a proactive pet owner by providing joint care supplements such as Omega-3 FA or Chondroitin Glucosamine will certainly help your aching pets. In addition, frequent short walks to keep muscle tone at a maximum is another modality which helps to control pain.

Advanced joint pain may be best treated with the judicious use of NSAIDs prescribed by your veterinarian.  Other alternatives to the use of oral medications include Adequan injections, laser therapy integrated with acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Focusing on joint health at a younger age is an important way to maintain a healthy and happy pet for years to come! Drop them off for a day of play to keep those joints moving!

Dr. Clarence B. Hackett, DVM